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Note: the various flash movies may take some time to load, depending on your connection speed.

The following is a movie created for an assignment. The task was to let a ball follow a guideline as soon as a button was clicked. The button in the bottom right corner reads "Start animation" and clicking it will cause the ball to follow the guideline. To make its path visible, use the checkbox. At the end of the animation, you can use the start button again to reset it.
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This flash is the result of an assignment to make a small figure, facing to the right, and let it walk 40pixels when a button was clicked. The button will change label according to the function it provides: you can start, stop or reset the movie by clicking on it.
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Mr Flap
Experimenting with movieclip symbols, Mr Flap came into being and in this version he bounces!
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Mr Flap v2
Mr Flap was also used for an assignment were a ball should follow your mouse.
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Multiple choice quiz
This multiple choice quiz, available in 2 languages, with 5 questions, was created for an assignment (make a quiz that takes a username, displays questions, loads one or more images and can display a score).
The idea is to choose a language, click the start button, fill in a user name and give the (correct) answers. At the end, it shows your name and score. The text displayed (buttons, questions and labels) will change according to the chosen language. The score depends on the number of questions you actually filled in, you can end the quiz at any time by clicking the appropriate button.
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