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Date: monday 24-9-2001

I'm having maths ('Computational Methods') right now, but it's boring. That's why I'm starting an internet-log to write down my great experiences here in Chichester.
This morning I had Languages & communications, we got an 'Assignment'. It's a presentation-task, we have to make it in PowerPoint and from the 8th of October these will be presented in front of the class. Sonja & me are from the first of October (next week) in an HND/HNC-combination programme at the college, so it's not really necessary for us to do this presentation stuff. We did do a few things, we made a couple pages of a presentation about the Dutch Language.
Sonja is really busy on the internet, officially this is not allowed, but I think it's allowed now, because Mrs. Gill Gask knows that we did about 95% of this subject before. And playing around with a computer is something we did before too...
This afternoon (5:15 until 6:15) I have to go to my first English Lesson, but before that Sonja & me are going to talk to Rory Alexander to check on the HNC modules etc.
I quit for now.

Bye & greetings,

Datum: 26-9-2001

Me again...
I'll be going back to Holland in a month. Only for a week, but that doesn't really matter. I'm going to give Stenaline a ring today, probably. Yesterday was my first HNC-class, I had to be at College from 6 till 9. We were with about 8 people. I had my very real, official dinner @ a quarter past 9 last night. I wasn't really starving, because I already had 2 sandwiches with Strawberry Jam. And I had bought some nuts, I was quite surprised to find some peanuts in there. I'm not really used to peanuts mixed with other nuts, tasted kinda strange... At 11am I've got HND induction for me & Sonja. At the international department they told us (@ the beginning of this week) that it wouldn't cost any extra, but they weren't really sure. A tutor from the HNC and also another from the HND told us, that we didn't even have to do all the exams. We do have to do all the assignments, but every now and then we will be able to choose between an exam or an assignment. If I go by ferry on friday the 26th of October, I'll be in Amsterdam around 2:14. That's quite late... I can also take the ferry on saturday, but that will mean that I'm @ the same time in Amsterdam at SUNday. I'll probably use my credit card to pay, but that's something for this afternoon. I've got class until three now & then from 6-9pm HNC-stuff. GrTngs,

Datum: 9-10-2001

Hello there!
I've got a short (10mins) break between two hours of class. We've been drawing really beautiful. With different colours, a diagram, that's quite inspiring... But the main point is that it looks like something that you could understand, right? Alrighty, then. This HND-blah is really nice, although it looks pretty much like school & learning. We haven't got that much to do, but it will get busier, I think. Yesterday night, I read the second Harry Potter book (Chamber of Secrets). Maybe I'm going to read the third one this night, but then I will have to get into bed early. Maybe tomorrow morning, my english class doesn't start until 1pm.

Date: 12-10-2001

Sonja, me and Heleen first checked the Tai Chi thingy last night, but we couldn't find it, but when we finally found out where it should be, we didn't really feel like going anymore... We went to Open Access around 8:15pm to go on the Internet instead. I had to describe a company for an Assignment (due just before half term), with graphs and stuff. I don't know any companies here in England, so I took a Dutch compnay for which I've worked during Summer Holiday. I went surfing yesterday, just before my English class started, but Brink (that company) doesn't have a company website. I mailed my family yesterday evening, afterwards me & Sonja went to Havana. It was very crowded, Spanish evening. Very warm, too... It was nice, but I didn't really feel like dancing, I never do. I'm going to deposit some pounds into my English bank account later and I don't really know what I'm going to do after that. But, that fourth book is going to be conquered! And I have to (want to) go to College tomorrow again to do something about my Assignment, because that has to be finished pretty soon...
Me out.

Datum: 7 december 2001!

Haidy nice people!!
I like Sinterklaas!!
Christmas trees are not supposed to be seen before the 5th of December!
But, as only Dutch people seem to know this nice little celebration, I count myself lucky that I've been able to join Sinterklaas-eve her in England. And I even got a chocolate letter! We were with four people (Sonja, Daphne, Heleen and -ofcourse- me :) ) getting gifts for each other (with a nice -long- poem) and had dinner with 5 (including Chi Ting, who didn't like the gits- & poems part). The first thing we had was a mushroom (made of egg, tomatoe, mayonaise and lettuce), with everything we had fruit salad (apple, pear, citron-juice, grape, pineapple, mandarin and tomatoe). Our main course was pancakes, baked by everybody, with syrup (and ham, banana, apple, cinnamon, ...). And we had, ofcourse, a dessert: 3 litres of icecream! There was strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. We did the presents before our dessert and while we were doing the gifts and poems we had 'kruidnootjes'. I became addicted to a game called Mechwars. But it takes 286 hours (from 15hr = 16hr in The Netherlands/Rest of Europe) before it ends, and I think thats quite quick. Beuh.
Thats about it for now, next week exam week and on monday the 17th of December I'm flying home! I will be back home until the 7th of January (monday, thats three weeks!!!!!). There's a Mechwars meeting on the fourth of January. Fun.
L8er etc.

PS: I'm moving into a student house, address:
St. Christopher's Close
Flat 16d
Fishbourne Road East
West Sussex
PO19 3RD